Focus and Scope

Journal of ICT Aplications System publishes original papers in the field of computer science, but not limited to, the following scope:

Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Informatics

Computer Architecture
Parallel and Distributed Computer
Computer Network
Embedded System
Human—Computer Interaction
Virtual/Augmented Reality
Computer Security
Software Engineering (Software: Lifecycle, Management, Engineering Process, Engineering Tools and Methods)
Programming (Programming Methodology and Paradigm)
Data Engineering (Data and Knowledge level Modeling, Information Management (DB) practices, Knowledge Based Management System, Knowledge Discovery in Data)
Network Traffic Modeling
Performance Modeling
Computer Security
IT Governance
Networking Technology
Robotic Instrumentation
Information Search Engine
Multimedia Security
Information Retrieval
Mobile Processing
Natural Language Processing

Artificial intelligence & soft computing and their applications

Neural networks
Machine Learning
Reasoning and evolution
Intelligence applications
Computer vision and speech understanding
Multimedia and cognitive informatics
Data mining and machine learning tools, heuristic and AI planning strategies and tools, computational theories of learning