Kontribusi Daya Ledak Otot Tungkai Terhadap Kecepatan Lari Sprint 50 Meter Pada Siswa Ekstrakurikuler Atletik MA AL-FATA KELAS X


  • Wahyu Ramadhan Universitas Rokania
  • Ferri Hendryanto


Daya Ledak Otot Tungkai, Lari Sprint 50 Meter, Atletik


This research was motivated by the weak physical condition of students, especially in the 50 meter run, their running ability was not optimal, they lacked explosive power in their leg muscles, their arm and leg swing coordination was poor, and they lacked training facilities and infrastructure. The aim of this research is to determine the contribution of leg muscle explosive power to the 50 meter sprint running speed of MA AL-FATA class X athletics extracurricular students. This research is a correlational research followed by looking at the contribution of variable AL-FATA with a total of 15 people using a saturated sampling technique. This research was conducted at MA AL-FATA with two research instruments, namely the standing broad jump test (leg muscle explosive power test) and the 50 meter running test (speed test). The data analysis technique uses product moment. Based on the data analysis, it was concluded that the explosive power of the leg muscles made a significant contribution to the speed of the 50 meter sprint with an r count of 0.544 > 0.532 r table with a determinant coefficient level = 29.54% and in the "quite strong" category.