Kontribusi Kekuatan Otot Lengan Terhadap Kemampuan Smash Pada Atlet Bola Voli Klub Rokania FC


Kekuatan Otot Lengan, Kemampuan Smash Bola Voli


The smash punch of the Rokania FC volleyball athlete has not been maximized, the punches taken do not dive sharply into the opponent's field, in smashing the arm muscle strength must be exerted to the maximum. This study aims to determine the contribution of arm muscle strength to smash ability in the Rokania FC volleyball athletes. This type of research is correlation. The population of this study was the volleyball athletes of the Rokania FC Club, totaling 14 people, the sampling technique was total sampling. The research instrument was a volleyball push up and smash test, where the data analysis technique was the r test. Based on the results of data analysis and discussion, it can be concluded that there is a contribution of arm muscle strength to smash ability in Rokania FC club volleyball athletes of 64.64% with rcount = 0.804 greater than rtable = 0.532.