Analisis Slogan Pada Iklan Rokok Di Televisi


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Forms of cigarette slogans, various meanings of cigarette slogans


This research is motivated by the uniqueness of slogan language and cigarette advertisements on television, which cannot be used in other advertisements. In addition, the form of cigarette advertising slogans that appear on television can be found on social media. The purpose of this study was to determine the lexical, grammatical, and contextual meanings contained in cigarette slogan advertisements on television. The type of research conducted from the impressions of cigarette advertisements on television, the technique used is qualitative using descriptive methods. The research instrument for this method uses a video recorder and a book with a listening technique on cigarette advertisements on television. The results of the study which were used as data from cigarette advertisements on television were taken by researchers as many as 30 newest cigarette advertisements in 2020, found 7 cigarette slogans referring to lexical meaning, 2 cigarette slogans referring to grammatical meaning, and 21 cigarette slogans referring to meaning. contextual. Of the 30 data on cigarette advertisements, the most variety of semantic meanings is the variety of contextual meanings and the least variety of meanings is the grammatical variety. In conclusion, the discussion on the analysis of slogans on cigarette advertisements on television provides information that good language and correct word writing will attract people to remember and follow the purpose of the words conveyed


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Analisis Slogan Pada Iklan Rokok Di Televisi. (2022). JOURNAL OF LITERATURE ROKANIA, 1(1), 1 - 6. (Original work published 28 Maret 2022)